‘I had major plastic surgery when I was just 22.’

Words by Claire Andrews.  

“You had a WHAT?!”

As many (if not all) of my family and friends are aware, I’ve had a boob job. This is not something that I am afraid to tell people (or, you know, show people) or something I try to hide (pretty obvious considering I’m publicly writing about it).

It seems everyone has a fascination with what other people do with their bodies. So for you lucky people, here is an insight into how I came to acquire two new BFFs on the 20th of June, 2013.

Teenagers are constantly told ‘you don’t know what you want’. This assumption is simply wrong. From the age of 13 I couldn’t wait to get boobs. They were one of the ultimate symbols of femininity, looked awesome and I could not wait to go bra and bikini shopping in the women’s section. But being 13 quickly turned into 14, and before I knew it 15… still boobs-absentsus. Whilst girls in my year level were going bikini shopping I was still traipsing the training bra/kids section at target, buying those pre-puberty crop tops that are little more than pieces of material.


My LIFE from the age of 13 to 22.

By the age of 17, the jokes of “being practically concave” and resembling a “surfboard” were starting to wear a little thin. I started to not only hate my body but resent my inability to naturally develop what millions of other women do.

So I started saving.

I couldn’t escape how unhappy I was with my body. Every time I changed clothes, had a shower or looked in the mirror I was hit by a wall of hatred for what I saw.

I just didn’t feel like a woman. And it was at this point that I decided that I would take matters into my own hands.

It was the pointy end of 2012 when I found myself sitting in the office of a plastic surgeon. Anyone who knows me well, is fully aware that I am quite partial to research (*cough* nerd). I will not buy a new TV until I am confident that not only will I get it for the best price, that it is the best option on the market and that that particular TV has had great reviews on at least two credible websites. So, as you could imagine, in scouting for a pair of boobs I was even more stringent.

I’m privileged because I am a nurse, and could get first hand reviews from friends who had worked in plastics wards. I read forums (yes there are websites devoted to reviews of plastic surgeons), spoke to many many people, eventually set up the appointment, and began the process.

I never considered going to Thailand or Sydney (I know these are popular options for many other young women) for the procedure. I opted to spend a little extra to have my surgery in Melbourne, because I felt that I had greater access to support and guidance in my home city than I would have had in another state, let alone another country. Most importantly, in 15 years when I have a revision, I can have the surgery close to home (an option not available for those who go to Thailand). I just feel that your body is not something to ‘cut costs’ on. Choosing the cheapest option didn’t seem wise to me – not when it was going to be my very own body on that surgery table.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 6.08.06 pm

A photo taken the night before my surgery.

Fast forward another 6 months and I was arriving at the hospital to claim what I had wanted since I was 13. It was what I had worked so hard to save for and, above all else, at 22 it was finally my chance to feel like a woman.

Had I done my research? Yes.

Was I 100% sure I wanted to go through with it? I was 1000% sure.

Was I losing my mind with fear? YES ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY

Surgery is scary and should never be taken lightly. After my procedure, I was kept in recovery for 3 hours – much longer than normal – because my blood pressure would not recover and stayed at 80/40mmol. I had 2 drain tubes coming out the side of my chest and was hooked up to a machine where I could give myself pain meds if I needed it. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest and yet, despite everything, I was insanely happy.


  • The entire procedure cost $10,500, which I saved very hard for.
  • I was in hospital overnight.
  • I took strong pain medication one time then took Panadol for 2 days then didn’t require anything else (apparently have a high pain tolerance- who knew?!).
  • I was able to begin exercising 6 weeks after the surgery.
  • I went from an A-cup to a D-cup.
  • I still have moments of intense happiness when I look at them!!

As scary as surgery was, the prospect of disliking my body so much and not having the ability to do anything about it was unimaginable.

It has been 2 years and one month since I changed my life. Having a boob job was the best decision I have ever made. I am proud to say that I love my body but it goes much further than that. I am a more confident, happier person and I am so glad that I had the courage to make a positive change in my life that I knew I wanted for so long.

I now embrace summer-time, buy myself a new bikini or bra (whenever my bank account permits it), and can look in the mirror knowing that I love how I look and that I made the best decision for me.

Claire on holiday in Budapest last month.

Claire on holiday in Budapest last month.

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