An Open Letter to Ruby Rose.

Words by Michelle Andrews.

Hi, Ruby.

I know that you’re a mega-super-dooper-star now, and that you’re most definitely busy rubbing shoulders with fellow mega-super-dooper-stars, but I really do hope that one day you read this. (I AM just a nobody from Melbourne’s suburbia who spends her days watching YouTube and eating sweet potato fries, but a gal can dream, right?)

Ruby, I’m really angry at you.

It’s no lie that I was once a big fan of yours. I saw you as different to the other celebrities. In the most inspirational way, you are raw and honest and you tell shit like it is. You give your opinion. Regardless of the risk, you take a stand on meaningful issues. And that, Ruby, is fucking refreshing.

You’re a woman who is powerful, and who constantly challenges society’s conception of how a ‘powerful woman’ should look, how she should sound and how she should act. Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.11.09 pm In a world where we’re accustomed to only hearing Celeb-X’s opinion on things like bikram-jojoba-carrot-stick-yoga, you have swanned in with your quirky tatts and killer personality, and you have had the courage to finally switch things up.

Not only do you star in a drama series, Orange Is The New Black, which is internationally renowned for its pro-feminist/pro-sexual-equality dialogue, you also champion LGBTI rights and the concept of gender fluidity. And for that, you deserve 276 foot kisses. Or, I dunno, unlimited WIFI and avocado sushi for eternity. Probably both.

Had you not posted one particular photo on Instagram last week, I may have volunteered to be the one kissing your feet (…maybe. Maybe. Okay, probably not).

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 7.19.35 pm

A photo of Ruby Rose with undefeated professional boxer (and highest paid athlete in the world), Floyd Mayweather.

You posted a selfie with Floyd Mayweather, and captioned it ‘the champ!’.

The champ.

Okay, in the literal sense, you’re so totally right Rubes, Floyd Mayweather is a champion of professional boxing. He’s won no less than 11 world titles. He’s never been beaten in his professional career. He is, indeed, a very talented man when it comes to throwing punches.

Especially when the people he’s throwing punches at are women.

Floyd Mayweather is so talented at punching women, it’s a mystery we don’t hear more about his flawless track record against them. Bashing women is basically Floyd Mayweather’s speciality. For instance, the time he slammed a car door into his girlfriend’s head proved to be very successful. And one can only marvel at the effectiveness of his punches to her face. Ruby, your mate has proven to be incredibly strong and powerful when he attacks women. Hey, Ruby, what about the time he brutalised his partner, in front of his children, and it was his son who had to call for help at 5am?

I agree, Ruby, when it comes to being a serial batterer of women, your buddy Floyd is a total champion.

You might be reading this and arguing ‘well, is there really much of a difference between beating a man and a woman? Why is Floyd automatically evil just because he laid hands on a woman, when people abuse men all the time?’

My answer? A man bashing a woman is, in almost every case, an inherently unequal battle. Whilst I am an avid supporter and promoter gender equality at any chance I get, I am also aware that if a man wanted to fight me, I would lose. Particularly if the man who wanted to fight me was the most talented fighter in the world. I would be bloodied and knocked-out-cold before you can say ‘Floyd Mayweather is a horrible human being’. Whilst I’m sure that I could out-perform most men intellectually, I cannot keep up with almost any man physically. A man physically assaulting a woman is not a challenge, and in almost every case, it is the demonstration of an inhumane and vile mind. (I am also aware that there are plenty of tough, strong women out there who could crush the common man into a cube if they wanted to… but those women are the exception, not the rule.)


  1. Between 2001 and 2002, Floyd was a bit silly and got charged for stalking and two counts of battery against his then girlfriend (the mother of his daughter, Ayanna), Melissa Brim.
  2. He also did this particularly silly thing where he assaulted two women at Ra nightclub, striking one in the jawline and one in the back of the head.
  3. In 2003, Floyd – clearly the Captain Of Silly – did this really silly thing where he repeatedly kicked and punched Josie Harris (the mother of three of his children) in his Bentley, before dragging her out by her legs and causing lacerations on her face. Later in court, Harris changed her testimony, saying she lied to police about the abuse, and that Floyd only acted to ‘control’ her. Shortly after the proceedings, Floyd bought Harris a $500,000 diamond ring to, you know, apologise for all the sillies.
  4. In 2010, despite being broken-up with Harris, Floyd had an attack of the sillies and, after finding out Harris had a new partner, told her he was going to kill her. He then proceeded to punch her and kick her until she was badly bruised and concussed. In a later interview, Harris said that she believes Captain Silly would have killed her that night, if the authorities had not have been alerted.
  5. Despite facing charges that could have resulted in 34 years in prison, Silly McSilliness was only sentenced with 90 days behind bars. He was released in just two months, for ‘good behaviour’ because, you know, we must not punish celebrities for their silliness. Fame and money are far more important than women’s lives… silly!

But hey, let’s remember, according to your new buddy Floyd, it is women who are to blame for men’s actions! SILLY ME! I FORGOT THAT AGAIN! It must be my woman-brain doing that funny thing where it gets all confused and starts forgetting super-important-woman-things like to separate the whites and to dress like a lady so men like Floyd don’t rape me. Gosh darn, woman-brain!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 9.49.20 am

TO DO: Separate whites, bake bread, change sheets, dress classy so I don’t get bashed and raped…

I’m sure you might argue that a person’s talent can be admired in separation from their personal indiscretions. But sorry, Rubes, again I disagree.

Floyd Mayweather has one talent and one talent only: bashing people. I don’t care if he is the best basher in all of the lands. I don’t care if he is the champion when it comes to punching people. That means nothing to me. I care about the fact that he brutalises women, and Ruby, you should too.

Now ladies, remember it's perfectly okay for Floyd to be half-naked. Because he's a man. And men are always allowed to dress however they like. Because they're men. Don't let that woman-brain of yours confuse things, okay? Now get back to the stove, lady!

Now ladies, remember it’s perfectly okay for Floyd to be half-naked. Because he’s a man. And men are always allowed to dress however they like. Because they’re men. Don’t let that woman-brain of yours confuse things, okay? Now get back to the stove, lady!

I know that other celebrities have supported Mayweather and have featured in his selfies (Justin Bieber.. eeeeeeuuuuugghhhhhh). But, again, I saw you as different. I guess I expected more from a woman who I have idolised for some time now. As I said earlier, you’re powerful Ruby, and in this instance I wish you had put that power to better use.

Sure, the temptation to collapse into a vacuous world of money, celebrities and shiny things must be tempting. But, Ruby, if you’re going to be consumed by ‘cool girl fame’ and support this misogynistic cretin, then I’m not going to be supporting you anymore.


P.S. Watch that arm draped around your shoulder, the same arm might later slam into your jawline.