Wanting to be healthy isn’t arrogant.

“What do you mean you want to order the salad?”

“You’ve been to the gym a lot lately…

“What, are you on a diet or something?”

Ok, so let’s set one thing straight before we go any further: I LOVE food. It’s a capital ‘L’ kinda Love.

Always have, always will. If there’s a plate in front of me, it’s like an unwritten rule that I must devour every last crumb until it feels like I’m about to give birth to devil spawn. Because I’m not satisfied until I look like Octomum a week before her due date, obviously.

food baby image

Sometimes, when I make images like this, I have an existential crisis of the “WTF am I doing with my life” variety. And by ‘sometimes’, I mean all the time. Like right this second, for example.

As much as I enjoy inhaling bowls of fries and scoffing down whole magherita pizzas (and I do – you guys – I really do), I’ve been on a bit of a health-kick lately.

WHY? Because I honestly feel better about myself when I’m eating well.

It’s not the whole “Summer is coming” thing, either (as much as I do want to look good in tiny scraps of material).

I’ve just found that I function more on a human-level and less on a slug-level when my days aren’t spent shovelling truckloads of Potato Gems into my mouth.

Shocking, I know.

Anyway, my current diet has less focus on trans-fats than it does on the colour green. And to be perfectly honest with you all, I’m effing loving it.

But, as much as my health-kick is doing me wonders, it hasn’t been so easy for everyone else to digest.

Now when I don’t want to eat dinner at the burger & shakes place, it’s an issue. Suggesting the salad bar instead and ordering ‘cleaner’ options from the menu receives raised eyebrows. Because, well, eating healthy isn’t the ‘cool girl’ thing to do. The ‘cool girl’ thing to do is eat at 8-Bit all the time, to Instagram photos of loaded fries and to be seen to not give a single fuck.

salad edit

And while I do enjoy my loaded fries and a good burgs on the odd occasion, I don’t want to be eating that stuff right now. Honestly, I don’t feel good about myself whenever I do. I come away feeling like the lovechild of an 88-year-old and a wet sock.

But being the girl who turns down an Oreo milkshake for a green tea doesn’t make me seem very likeable or laid-back, now does it?

For whatever reason, eating healthy is now frowned upon. It’s like you’re some Type-A-Obsessive-Freak who cares about herself too much. Nobody says it, but eating healthy and saying no to the next Macca’s run makes you kinda stuck-up. Kinda narcissistic. Kinda self-indulged.

What has really (really, really-really) annoyed me this week, is that some people equate my new healthy diet to me having an eating disorder.

And well, that’s just batshit crazy.

Why must we have an opinion on everyone’s diets? On every person’s body? Why do we praise labels when they use “real women” in their campaigns? Like, what the actual fuck does that even mean?

real women

Because, FYI, size 8 women are not real. Contrary to popular belief, they are in fact cyborgs from the very distant planet of FuckYou.

Now, I’m not sure about you guys, but the last time I checked, being a woman makes you a ‘real’ woman. Being a ‘real’ woman is not dependent on your size. Not now, not ever.

I have absolutely nothing against people who enjoy indulgent foods and are abundantly curvacious/bodacious babes. I also have nothing against the people who slog it out in the gym, work effing hard for their abs and drink kale smoothies every morning. Because, well, kale smoothies are nothing short of disgusting. So good on you, Muscly Kid.

Do I always want to eat healthy, 104% of the time? No, no way. I still enjoy a good cheat meal now and then. Come find me at 2pm on Christmas day and I’ll already be five-plates-deep in dessert, for instance.

But at the moment, I am really feeling better about myself when I avoid the deep-fryer and opt for the good ol’ leafy greens instead.

Wanting to eat healthy is not try-hard or arrogant, nor does it indicate an eating disorder.

So, my dear beautiful reader friends, eat what you want. Eat whatever makes you feel like a spritely lil’ jellybean, okay?


Love ya xxx