What I filled my mind, soul and belly with this month.


The glorious hosts of one of my all-time fave podcasts Mamamia Out Loud (lookie here! a recommendation within a recommendation!) do this every week and they are trés helpful.

Basically, I need people to tell me what to do with my spare time… otherwise, I spend it all watching Shani Grimmond on YouTube and she’s only 20 and someone please help me I’m too old for this shit.

So, recommendations for stuff that will better my life… not see all my money go to liquid foundations I don’t need… are a necessity.

Here are some of the things I loved hard in January that I think you might love too.


  • Mamamia Out Loud: I couldn’t not include this. It’s the show for everything women are talking about. Obviously, I work at Mamamia so I’m slightly biased but this podcast has kept me informed and entertained for years. I also love the hosts’ different interpretations of feminism; from idealistic second wave to choice-focused third-wave. A must-listen for those who want their news and pop culture delivered through a smart feminist lens.
  • The High Low: Like Mamamia Out Loud, but slightly younger, swearier and British-ier. Tick, tick, tick. I also wrote this week about one half of the show, Pandora Sykes, so clearly I’m having a huge obsesso moment. I’m one episode away from moving to London and asking to work for them for free.
  • How I Built This: If you’re interested in entrepreneurs and the businesses they build, Guy Raz’s interview podcast is for you my friend. My top picks are: Rent The Runway (Jenn Hyman), Aden + Anais (Raegan Moya-Jones), Spanx (Sara Blakely) and Bumble (Whitney Wolfe).


  • Halo top icecream: Has anyone else tried this? It’s $10 and therefore fucking ludicrous but, if you ask me, absolutely worth it. On the pint, it promises that it’s healthy. I’m not a dietitian but fuck I’m not about to ask questions about the health properties of icecream, just take my money. Vanilla bean is OK. Chocolate is good. Mint choc chip is revolutionary. I’ve devoured three tubs in five days and I have no regrets.
  • Baked chickpeas: Because I’m a snacker and need to crunch on something about every five minutes. These are healthier than potato chips, which are my kryptonite, and are surprisingly moreish. They’re from the Happy Snack Company and are available in Coles or Woolworths… I forget which. Perhaps both. It’s a supermarket Russian Roulette.


  • Small Great Things: This is my favourite novel by Jodi Picoult. I don’t want to give too much away at all, so I’ll just tell you this: It makes the smart, complex stuff super digestible and – the best part – is so goddamn long you’ll be reading it for weeks. (I hate finishing a book in two days. The longer the better, thanks.)
  • Lauren Mechling writing about losing her job and finding solace in a pair of clogs in The New Yorker.
  • The quiet, searing pain of having one of your best friends move far away from you. This piece by my colleague and friend Zara McDonald is what you need to read if a friend or loved one has moved halfway across the world.
  • This piece from Anne Helen Petersen on Justin Timberlake’s brand, and its place in 2018. Scratch that – I recommend literally anything Anne Helen Petersen writes. She makes the dumb stuff smart which is MY JAM.

I hate myself for just saying “my jam”. Who even am I.

That’s all for January, folks! What stuff are you loving?