The spend: These $29.99 resistance bands are a fu-jucking LIFESAVER.

You guys.

This will be a quick and dirty one because I have thoughts and I just need to spit ’em out on a page. We all have shit to do, so I’ll be quick.

Resistance bands. You need them.

I’m not talking about those small, circular ones you see all over Insta – they’re fine, but whatever – I’m talking about the  PTP PowerTube+ Resistance Bands.

I was in Bali last month for 10 days and these bad boys allowed me to fit a quick workout in on every second morning. They’re super light-weight, but give you the same crunch and burn as dumbbells. Bloody genius for those of us who really want to maintain tone and fitness while on holiday.

They’ll make your muscles cry baby tears.

I love that they come with a door attachment that allows you to do basically any exercise from hammer press to back rows. The box even comes with a nifty pamphlet full of what exercises you can do. There are millions. MILLIONS. Basically, if your hotel room has a door, you have a complete workout ready to go at your fingertips.

My dad gave them to me on Christmas Day – he chose the ‘medium’ resistance, which is pretty spot on – and doing squats and lunges with them kiiiiiiilled me. It burned in the best way possible.

If you’re going away this year, I highly recommend them. I hear they’re also brilliant for rehab and recovery, which would be nice if I did either of those things. Oops.

You can grab a box at heaps of places but Rebel Sport is your best bet.