What I filled my mind, soul and belly with in February.

Okay. Honesty time.

I have been feeling quite (… very) anxious this past week. Why? Well, it probably boils down to a clusterf*ck mess of stress, troll hate, and boring life minutiae. Fun, fun, fun.

I will write about the troll stuff next week. I’m feeling vulnerable tonight and need to watch The Good Place until I find the ordeal funny, not saddening.

I’m writing this on the tram while listening to a mindfulness podcast – this totally defeats the concept of mindfulness and would make my psychologist wither and die BUT ANYWAY.

I really bloody enjoyed some of the stuff I consumed this month.

Sooooo it’s recommendations time!


  • Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: This is Gail Honeyman’s first novel and holy shit I don’t think I’ve ever read another book like it. This novel is fantastic for people in their 20s. The protagonist is 29 and battles something universal we’ve all painfully felt at times in our lives: loneliness. Moments of darkness are perfectly interspersed with light and I finished the last page feeling like my eyes were opened to a kind of life I hadn’t seen or really even considered before. I am slightly peeved about the ‘twist’ right at the very end – I feel it was unnecessary – alas this is one of my favourite books of all time.
  • Everything I Know About Love: I’ve spoken about my obsession with The High Low podcast before (which is sadly on hiatus right now… how dare Pandora have a baby) and this is an extension of that. This too is Dolly Alderton’s breakout book – it’s a memoir about her 20s and holy fuck if that doesn’t make me and her alike, I don’t know what does. That said, I found the way Dolly reacted to certain situations in the book really bloody befuddling. At times I felt she was reckless and confusing and unfair, but that’s what makes Everything I Know About Love such a fascinating read. She is truly a fantastic, FANTASTIC writer. One day I hope I can muster a sliver of her insane talent.


  • Yet another ice cream recommendation (sorry): So you’re going to find a lot of ice cream recommendations in these posts, just roll with it. Ice cream is my creamy, sugary vice. Anyway – this month I was all about Connoisseur’s Sumatran Coconut Chocolate Fudge ice cream. It takes JUST LIKE A BOUNTY CHOCOLATE BAR which, sadly, yes, is my favourite of all the chocolate bars. Don’t hate me.

Life stuff


  • Whitney Simmons: If you love the gym and want to tone up/feel stronger/exercise for your mental wellbeing then you need to follow Whitney Simmons on YouTube and Insta and join me in fangirling. Whitney’s a fitness influencer from the States and she provides COMPLETE WORKOUTS on her channels. You don’t need to pay a cent. You just go onto her Insta feed and boom you have a full workout ready to go on your phone. At home, at the gym, for beginners, for advanced gym-goers, she has something for EV-ER-Y-BO-DY. I did her glute and leg workouts yesterday and today I’m actually struggling to walk. I nearly cried walking up the stairs 10 minutes ago. Send help.
  • Haircuts: Just the simplest thing ever. If you feel like shit, go get a haircut or even just a blowdry. I did exactly that yesterday when my anxiety was wrecking havoc on my mind and goodness gracious it helped. Little acts of self-care are so underrated in times of distress.
  • MY PODCAST: I have neewwwwws! In case you aren’t already sick of me, I have a podcast coming out with journalist Zara McDonald next week! It’s called Shameless and it’s about CELEBRITY and POP CULTURE (all of ze sugary things). I’m so excited I could burst into confetti. Our first episode will be dropping on Monday but you can actually go subscribe to it right now; that way, you’ll be notified every week when our episodes drop. This also helps us get the show into other people’s feeds, so do two gals a favour, would you? Just search for ‘Shameless’ in the podcasts app and you’ll see us looking not at all posey and very, very shameless.

That’s all from me for now – if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to hear from Shameless, then please let me know! And if you’ve read either of those books – SPILL YOUR GUTS. I feel like I need to debrief on both of them. xxxxx