‘Where the heck am I and what the jizznip is The 20s Diary?’

Hello, you!

Oh I’m so glad you asked – welcome to The 20s Diary pal!

My name is Michelle, and you’ve stumbled your way onto my platform of stories and craziness. You’ve come the place where we cover the good, the bad and the downright ugly. The best part? NOTHING is off limits (not even my most soul-crushingly embarrassing moments, of which there are many). So yeah, sometimes shit gets awkward, sometimes it gets confronting and other times it’s just hilarious. But I guess that sums up life in your 20s pretty well, right?

This blog is dedicated to every 20-something soul out there who is a little lost, and perhaps (definitely) a little intoxicated whilst reading this.

ANYWAY considering you came here to find out some things about ze girl behind ze blog, I think I better summarise myself in dot-point form to save you time (I am sure you have important places to be… like internet shopping, or stalking that person you dated 6 months ago on Instagram, or looking at photos of burgers with a side of fries and salivating all over your shirt).

  • I am: Michelle (Chelle, Mich, Chelley) Elizabeth Andrews.
  • I have an addiction to: eating fries, drinking Pepsi Max, staring at attractive people, the internet, writing.
  • I am the proud owner of: two absurdly small hands, a rather large collection of books, a t-shirt that reads “That was not very Raven” and a shitty Holden Barina which sometimes starts and sometimes doesn’t.
  • I like you: Just for being here. And reading this. Means a lot. Seriously.
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DIS IS ME (#headtiltgameisstrong)

It tickles my super-weird soul to know that you’re reading this right now. This blog is like my baby and I dunno I really like it when people approve of my offspring.

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Thank you for reading. You are one special and magical bean, kid.