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“He planned a weekend getaway, then said he only saw me as casual sex.”

“It was so painful, it physically hurt.”

“For a single guy in his twenties, dating must suck. It must really, really suck.”


‘We weren’t in a relationship, but he changed me forever.’

“And I didn’t even realise until it was too late.”

An open letter to Tinder:

“You’re the little flame that never goes out – no matter how many times I delete you.”

“Are my standards too high?”

We all have a checklist in our heads of “must haves” and “deal breakers”.

The 39-Step Guide to Netflix and Chill.

32. “Oh, hold up, neck kissing is occurring… Aaaand I’m definitely gonna have a hickey tomorrow.”

Dating in your twenties is like eating an avocado.

Prepare your lady/man brains to be obliterated and to crown me as your Holy Leader forevermore.

I have become the world’s worst ‘Date Flake’.

I HATE the lead up to first dates. I don’t just dislike them. I don’t just get ‘a little bit nervous’. I EFFING HATE THEM.

‘I tried to be the ‘Nice Guy’… it didn’t work out.’

“Of course, it was all to impress a girl.”

Why I will be single and alone this Valentine’s Day… again.

I am solely responsible for about 90% of ‘Teardrops of My Guitar’ YouTube hits.