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To the dickcake who broke my beautiful friend’s heart…

One week ago, I didn’t expect to be writing this letter to you.

‘We weren’t in a relationship, but he changed me forever.’

“And I didn’t even realise until it was too late.”

“Are my standards too high?”

We all have a checklist in our heads of “must haves” and “deal breakers”.

Dating in your twenties is like eating an avocado.

Prepare your lady/man brains to be obliterated and to crown me as your Holy Leader forevermore.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen: who the eff should pay for the date?

This is what I propose…

I have become the world’s worst ‘Date Flake’.

I HATE the lead up to first dates. I don’t just dislike them. I don’t just get ‘a little bit nervous’. I EFFING HATE THEM.

Can girls and guys be JUST friends? No, they can’t.

I’m about to spin some serious truth here, so be prepared to have your minds blown.

Newsflash: We are the least sexual generation in recent history.

We’re not exactly the Sex Gods we’d like everyone to think we are.

Did you WIN or LOSE your breakup?

We are all desperate to prove that not only can we can cope without our ex, we can excel without them.

Why girls hate girls (and why they shouldn’t).

Why we gotta be so rude?