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The 39-Step Guide to Netflix and Chill.

32. “Oh, hold up, neck kissing is occurring… Aaaand I’m definitely gonna have a hickey tomorrow.”

‘I had major plastic surgery when I was just 22.’

It has been 2 years and one month since I changed my life forever…

The story of how my X-rated selfie was leaked.

I wasn’t just confused, I was bewildered, frantically trying to figure out how something I had always feared had actually become a reality.

I call bullshit on the Dad Bod.

We want human marshmallow-men, and we want them now!

5 Things I learned whilst I was 20:

I’ve done some super-duper-serious thinking (involving deep introspection and reflection, which resulted in violent bouts of shuddering).

How Attractive Am I? What would you rate me out of 10?

‘My worst nightmare is being rated a 7’

My love/hate relationship with models.

I’m not even ashamed, because finding out that Steph Claire Smith ate at Sardi café this morning before taking her dog for a walk is fucking scintillating to me.

Sextistics – What does your number say about you?

Because let’s face it – people think about sex all the time.

My Sister’s Boob Job

My sister is inspiring. She is educated, she is modest, and if you ask me, she is pretty freaking brilliant.

Does my instagram account make me an egotistical maniac?

“Ooh I’m going on a run… better upload a leg selfie and then maybe one of my stomach!”