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I’ve lost my sparkle, and I’m desperately trying to find it.

All of my clothes are kinda… ew. And old. And just ew. And I should definitely moisturise more… or, you know, ever.

“The 7 things I wish I knew before I moved out of home.”

“Your mum is a gem. You’ll realise that the day you leave.”

“I’m looking for my first ‘career’ job and I’m f*cking terrified.”

“Job hunting is as terrifying as going on a first date.”

“Don’t worry, none of us know what the EFF we’re doing.”

“Not even a lil’ bit.”

Don’t be dicks to retail employees this Christmas.

“Just… don’t.”

Graduating from uni? It’s probably gonna take you 5 YEARS to find full-time work…

wat. Wat? WHAT?!

‘I’m terrified of graduating from Uni.’

‘There are just so many things to be anxious about, so many loose ends that I don’t know how to tie.’

The 5 ways I procrastinated doing my Uni assignment:

At least now I know how to achieve the ‘♡ Perfect Copper Bronze Smokey Eye Look ♡’

Working in retail made me want to stick a coat hanger in my eye.

Listening to the same music playlist. Over. And over. And over again.

THIS is the average bank balance of someone your age…

“I’m looking at my bank balance, and I’m panicky… SUPER panicky.”