An open letter to my “Summer Body”.

“I’ve made you look like Play-Doh being squished through fingers. For this, I sincerely apologise.”

“I battled bulimia for 6 years. This is my story.”

It all began with some cruel words from my stepmother.

“He planned a weekend getaway, then said he only saw me as casual sex.”

“It was so painful, it physically hurt.”

“The 7 things I wish I knew before I moved out of home.”

“Your mum is a gem. You’ll realise that the day you leave.”

“I’m looking for my first ‘career’ job and I’m f*cking terrified.”

“Job hunting is as terrifying as going on a first date.”

“For a single guy in his twenties, dating must suck. It must really, really suck.”


‘We weren’t in a relationship, but he changed me forever.’

“And I didn’t even realise until it was too late.”

The 6 things I learned at Beyond The Valley.

Question: Where the EFF were the vodka slushies????

New Year’s Eve is awesome, stop being so negative.

Must I remind you all that fireworks are orgasmic technicolour dream explosions?

An open letter to Tinder:

“You’re the little flame that never goes out – no matter how many times I delete you.”