Okay, ladies and gentlemen: who the eff should pay for the date?

This is what I propose…

Dear Melbourne cafes: I’m breaking up with you.

$5 for a green tea is NOT OKAY.

‘Losing my little sister taught me that a boy cannot break my heart.’

“That my friends, is red, raw heartbreak.”

Working in retail made me want to stick a coat hanger in my eye.

Listening to the same music playlist. Over. And over. And over again.

‘Sex is a lot like lasagne’: Tim Sujak’s modern guide to sex.

“If love is a battlefield, then sex is a fucking war (STDs are landmines).”

I have become the world’s worst ‘Date Flake’.

I HATE the lead up to first dates. I don’t just dislike them. I don’t just get ‘a little bit nervous’. I EFFING HATE THEM.

Can girls and guys be JUST friends? No, they can’t.

I’m about to spin some serious truth here, so be prepared to have your minds blown.

Who is SoFloAntonio, and why should we care?

He’s got 1.9 million Facebook likes and 3.1 million YouTube subscribers, but Antonio Lievano is not all he seems.

Hey PM, why won’t you act on marriage equality now?

Answering the question ‘Should Australia legalise same-sex marriage?’ is as simple as answering ‘Do Australians like Caramello Koalas?’

“If you’re a feminist, why do you wear revealing outfits?”

‘Hang on a second, why is this weird blogger chick not in some sort of greyish, asexual pantsuit?’