Dickbag Politicians, budgets and the 20-something Student

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the budgets out, and it’s pretty much a big deal. I think… anyway. Well, actually, I’m not really sure.

My Sister’s Boob Job

My sister is inspiring. She is educated, she is modest, and if you ask me, she is pretty freaking brilliant.

Is vegan the new black?

Whenever or however it happened, the fact is it did happen, and it’s probably the most frustrating trend of them all.

The reason I hate trust-fund twenty year olds

Thank-god my parents cut me off.

Does my instagram account make me an egotistical maniac?

“Ooh I’m going on a run… better upload a leg selfie and then maybe one of my stomach!”

And so i’m 20…

And it all starts right now.